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Rabbit Purchase Policy


This is our current purchase policy. Please read over it before ordering or reserving rabbits.

  • How to Reserve a bunny:I will be glad to hold rabbit(s) for you with a 50% deposit on them. They are to be picked up within the agreed upon time frame or loss of deposit will incur. All rabbits will be paid for in full before you receive them.
  • We accept cash, money orders & payments through PayPal (address and e-mail address provided in the "Contact Us" page).
  • Should I cancel the sale of a rabbit(s) all deposits will be refunded.
  • Should you (the buyer) cancel the sale by, failing to pick up the rabbit(s) by the set date, or changing your mind you will forfeit all deposits. All our rabbits have a health guarantee.  We guarantee the rabbit will be in good health and free of visible disease or injury at the time the buyer assumes ownership. Once the rabbit leaves our hands this contract ends due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • Buyers are encouraged to have the rabbit examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt of the rabbit at their own expense. Under NO circumstance will we be responsible for any medical cost once the rabbit leaves our premises.
  • If, as a result of the examination, by a licensed Veterinarian within 48 hours, the Veterinarian determines that the rabbit is not in good health, then the buyer shall elect to keep the rabbit or return the rabbit to us and request a refund. This does not include cuts, bites, broken legs, dropped ears, etc.. that would happen after they leave here. Documentation of the rabbits visit and results to accompany the rabbit. This is the ONLY time a cash refund could potentially be issued. Refunds are given at our discretion.
  • Buyers are encouraged to look over the rabbit(s) thoroughly at the time of pickup to make sure they are as stated by seller as showable, or non-showable pet quality, showing no signs of sickness, or apparent injury. I take all measures to make sure they are as stated.
  • Should you realize there is a problem with your rabbit you should contact me immediately so we may discuses the best course of action. (This does not pertain to a major medical emergency. In the event of a major medical emergency contact your vet and then me ASAP.)
  • When selling mature bucks, I have the right to use them until pick up or delivery.
  • Buyers are responsible for pick up or arranging transportation. If you would like to pick them up at a show I will do my best to try and arrange that with you.
  • If the rabbit is sold as showable, you will be given a pedigree for it. Pet/wool quality rabbits will not be sold with a pedigree. Pet quality rabbits could have traits that make them not of good breeding quality and should not be reproduced. Breeding stock may or may not be showable, but no visible inherited bad qualities shown. In most cases, breeding stock will be provided with a pedigree. Please ask to make sure. I reserve the right to issue or not issue the buyer a pedigree for breeding stock or woolers at my own choosing.
  • Sorry at this time we do not ship our rabbits. This could change so please check with us.



  • "I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to be the owner of two absolutely beautiful bunnies from your farm!! They have settled in well. I am amazed at how affectionate they are..."
    Bunny Client
  • "I purchased 1 pound of fawn colored alpaca fiber and could not be happier. Great speedy shipping and best of all the fiber is absolutely beautiful. And I received a small samp..."
    Satisfied Customer

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